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When Did the Writers Decide to Make Ezra

"We started talking about this when we were making the decision to reveal Mona as Original 'A,'" Marlene told EW. "He has always been, interestingly enough, he shows up when Turinabol At 19 the text messages start showing up. Aria was looking at that Ali poster in that bar when he introduced himself to her, and he's been in interesting places at the right times very often. So lots of fans had Testosterone Enanthate Liver the theory early on that Ezra was on the "A" team, so we've always been writing with it in the back of our minds."

Interesting we've been operating under the assumption (and Marlene has confirmed it) that Mona was the Original "A" in the first two seasons, then Uber "A" swooped in and stole the crown er, black hoodie "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" from her. Could Ezra have been involved in the "A" game even when it belonged to Mona?

"I've known about it for a "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" while," Ian told EW, regarding the info "buy cheap jintropin online" that his on screen counterpart is masquerading as "A," though some of the intel was new. "To what extent I was unclear of only up until a couple "Oxandrolone Powder India" months ago," he added.

According to Ian, the PLL Powers That Buy Cialis Norway Be spilled on the plot twist way back in Sustanon 250 Weekly Dosage February. Ian became interested in another project and went to ABC Family to discuss his future on PLL when Marlene spilled the beans: "Marlene King actually said, 'Hey, we can't let you go because of what's going to happen with Ezra,'" Ian relayed. ET/PT on ABC Family.